Arch Bar, Brick and Lintel Repairs

If you notice cracks in the brickwork surrounding windows and doors, arch bar or lintel corrosion may be to blame.

At any one time there can be zero issues within your building or conversely one, two or multiple issues which affect your structure. 
At Remedial Building Services,  we specialise in the repair and replacement of key structural elements which will help to make your building structurally sound again. 
If you notice brick cracking or brick growth or see signs your cavity flashing is failing  then it may be time to address latent issues. 

Arch Bar and Lintel Repairs

Arch bars and lintels are used to support structures such as windows, doors and other openings. As they are usually constructed from steel, it is not uncommon to see old arch bars and lintels rusting and expanding.

Where an arch bar or lintel has not been galvanised, or where the flashing which should be protecting it has failed, moisture may penetrate the steel, rust and cause structural damage . The corrosion of the steel will cause it to expand which may result in cracks to the surrounding brickwork, allowing water to penetrate the structure. This is not only unsightly, but potentially unsafe as well. 

Brick and Stone Repair

When brick or stone walls begin to show signs of deterioration such as erosion, cracking or fretting, there are a number of causes that may be to blame. Water ingress,  lintel damage, direct impact and salt degradation are four of the most common causes which present themselves in a building.

In most of these cases, individual bricks will be visibly affected. However, the mortar joints between bricks or stonework may also show signs of disrepair or worse, start shifting away from the inner lining.
Where it is apparent remediation work is required, we will remove affected bricks, treat the remaining ones as required to address the impacts of salt degradation and ultimately, replace the bricks and the brick ties as required before repointing the brickwork to return the wall to its original condition.

If you are aware that you have issues with these structural facets, and are in Sydney, Contact Remedial Building Services who can implement a solution for you.

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