Defective and non-conforming cladding needs to be replaced

Don't Cover up Your Defective Building Cladding

As evidenced by high-profile fires in the last three years at Grenfell Tower (London), Lacrosse Docklands(Melbourne) and the Torch Tower (Dubai), non-compliant fire panels – the type which have been used extensively in Australia and around the world – represent a major fire hazard which can lead to multiple deaths when a fire does start within the building.
If you suspect your building has defective cladding, learn more about your options. 

Is your building cladding compliant? 

In recent years, building cladding has become almost the default design element of architects and those involved in new construction and refurbishment of existing buildings due to it ability to transform what may otherwise be a plain building, or old building into something much more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing.

But the truth is,  if your cladding does not conform to the new standards set down by the ABCB not only are you at risk of breaking the law, but you are putting the lives of the building occupants at risk. 
The issue is that within the core of non-compliant panelling, the core is made of a non-fibre foam which melts when exposed to extreme heat (as in the case of a fire). As it melts it becomes fuel for the fire, dripping down the building spreading the flames as at the same time it works its way up the building too. 
Illustration Showing how defective cladding fuels a fire

Ultimately, managers and Strata Committees of buildings with non-compliant flammable cladding are required to take the necessary steps to remove the dangerous product and have the correct alternative installed in its place. Where the building is less than 6 years old, the builder who installed the product is legally responsible. In buildings older than 6 years, debate is currently underway as to who is responsible and how the financial burden can be minimised for individuals as much as possible.

With our extensive experience in building rectification and our ongoing focus on fire protection, Remedial Building Services are working with fire engineers to help Building Consultants, builders and Strata Corporations to identify all risks and recommend appropriate solutions. Our goal is to help those looking to repair or replace their combustible cladding. 

Take Steps to Replace your Combustible Cladding

If you know that a building you occupy, or one you worked on fails to comply with the new standards, be proactive and get in contact with us today so that you can start to understand your options and, more importantly, put plans in place to protect the lives of all building occupants. 

Recent News Coverage

Building's with cladding  have come under the spotlight in recent months due to deaths in several buildings around the world. As a result, regulations are changing rapidly as more scrutiny is placed on the safety of buildings which do have flammable, non-compliant panels. 
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