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The three reasons companies invest in their commercial floor

Every month for as long as we can remember, we receive dozens of enquiries about the flooring services we offer for commercial premises. The enquiries come from diverse industries: commercial and industrial food preparation facilities, factories, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, councils and even chemical plants. But no matter the change in technology, nor the industry the enquiries come from, nor the level of technical expertise of the person enquiring, we have learned that the nature of each and every enquiry can be categorised as one of three things. In other words, we have identified the three main reasons people invest in their flooring surface. 

1 – To Mitigate Health & Safety Risks

According to the latest report from Safe Work Australia (December 2017), falls, slips and trips are the second most prevalent workplace injuries, accounting for almost 1 in every 4 accidents at work. As such, it is no real surprise to us that the number one reason people get in touch with us, not only to protect the staff who work there, but as often as not, to protect the customers and suppliers who also use the premises on a regular basis.
Over our 45-years of business we have installed flooring solutions to improve safety across a number of applications including:
  • Walkways and access point floors
  • Commercial Kitchen floors
  • Clean room flooring surfaces
  • Anti-slip flooring in high traffic areas (such as cafes, warehouses, and public pools)
  • Industrial facilities requiring high loadbearing capability
  • Hygiene improvement
  • Anti-static flooring

2 –Failure of the existing flooring surface

A simple look at your floor will tell you the state of repair it is in. From visible signs where the floor is breaking up into pieces, to cracks, to delamination (where the existing surface just seems to peel away), to the spots people always seem to slip a little, to those area where water and other liquids just seem to pond, the signs your floor needs repair are often obvious.
Preparing the floor for a new surface under industrial machinery

However, at other times, the signs are not nearly as obvious. Perhaps you can smell something but cannot ascertain where the smell is coming from, or maybe you can see a small bubble under the surface of your existing flooring surface and don’t know how to get it out.
Whatever the reason your floor is failing, the truth is, failure to act will often mean the problem gets worse and your costs to repair it, more expensive. Getting someone in to identify why the floor is failing in the first place (is it traffic, cleaning chemicals, the wrong floor was laid in the first place?) is the first step to repair and a better, safer floor.

3 – Aesthetic upgrades

As the saying goes, “First Impressions count”. Many of our clients are customer facing, meaning the way their customers see them and how they present can impact their bottom line. For these clients, having a floor which at the very least matches the impression they are looking to portray and at best, which enhances it, is essential.
However, what many customers do not realise until the floor is actually in, is that a new floor often raises the moral of staff who feel that their employer is actively looking after their working environment.
Whether the floor is a high quality, seamless finish for a retail outlet or high end restaurant, or a warehouse floor with clearly marked out lines and directions, attention to what may seem a little detail, can actually have far reaching and positive consequences for the business.

We know that what seems like a cost outlay for your business is a hard decision. But that is why we sit with our would-be clients to  explain that the decision to fix a floor is not a sunk cost, but rather is an investment in the future of their business – be that one which enhances income or one which helps mitigate the chances of an accident at work. Ultimately, a new flooring surface can increase productivity, reduce accidents, help grow your business or do some combination of all three. For us, it’s not just about solving a problem, it is about adding value to our clients.
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