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In recent years building cladding has been a dirty word, but as we discuss, using cladding on your building could make a huge difference to your bills and to your resale value. 

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Treating Steel Corrosion When it comes to structural repair, we share a lot about the approach to take, things to consider, tips to use and so forth, but rarely do we get under the hood and look at what is involved with treating the cause - until today!

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Painting a building is a process, Not a solution A lick of paint should never be seen as a solution to structural issues. Rather, it is just part of a process. In this blog we break down why painting is not the sole means to a better structure. 

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The many ways Remedial can help with BCA compliance

As a specialist repair company much of the work we offer spans multiple components of the BCA. So we thought we would give you a quick snapshot into the areas you can call on our team to help

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On the  floor with the Liquor Industry

We thought we'd share some of the rigours that the alcohol production industry place on their floors and the considerations that must be given with regards to selecting the right one, and what your options are. 

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Don't Drop the ball on Drips When you see the tell-tale signs of a water leak inside your building, more often than not, the damage you are seeing is massively understating what is actually happening. In this blog we discuss the causes and issues to look out for so you can fix thnigs before they get out of hand. 

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Building Cladding – Your responsibilities as an owner When it comes to building cladding what are your obligations, what do you need to do, know and by when does it all need to happen? In this piece we break it all down for you including when you need to register your building.

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Treatment of Concrete Cancer Ever wondered what causes it, or how concrete cancer repair is undertaken? Ever thought to yourself, I wish i knew how to identify it? Well read on, we uncover (pun intended) what you need to know.

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What do Icebergs and Concrete Spalling Have in Common? What do icenbergs and concete cancer have in common? The fact that under the surface there is a lot more than you can see (90% or so), ready to rip the strength out of your structure. In this piece we uncover what you need to know and explain what to do about it. 

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The dangerous side of lockdowns for Repairs

As reported in The Domain during the first lock down, trades such as ours which provide Building repairs and maintenance were prevented or limited from attending sites to fix issues within the building. 

What few realised is that this would have effect those buildings with structural repair requirements. In this blog we explain why. 

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Fun Fact: Planning your floors could save you money Whether it is a non-slip floor, hygienic matting, or floors for cleanroom facilities - the options are more expansive than ever when it comes to your industrial floor. Today we deep dive to provide insight on what you need to know.

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When You Need Commercial Flooring

When it comes to flooring, here is the truth: Just because something works in a residential setting there is no guarantee that it will work well in a commercial space. Learn why and find out what you need to know.

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Uses of Torch On Waterproof Membranes

Waterproofing comes in different forms and is used for different purposes. But one of the more resilient types is Torch-On Membrane — applied under the intense heat of a flame. Today we disect torch on membranes so you know what you need to know. 

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Seven Building Trends Shaping the Future Of Australian Construction

Recent events aside (fire and COVID-19) over the last few years, the commercial building industry has experienced significant growth, owed in large to demand, technological advancements and a shift in project management techniques.
We think that there are 7 key events which are affecting the industry as a whole at the moment and which are likely to be shaping influences in the years to come.

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Main Considerations When Choosing the Best Solution for an Industrial Floor

The flooring needs of industrial and large commercial spaces are entirely different from public buildings. Time after time, we have seen the importance of choosing the right and its role in maximising performance and enhancing safety in production facilities.

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Renovate, Don't Detonate: Five Ways to Improve the Aesthetics of Your Apartment Building

Preserving your apartment building’s aesthetics not only improves your structure’s value but also provides your occupants with excellent quality of life and peace of mind. Learn how to enhance your apartment’s building facade in this latest blog.

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Characteristics of a High Quality Commercial Kitchen Floor

When it comes to building and then fitting out a commercial kitchen, we know that very few people/companies have an unlimited budget. You're looking to find optimal solutions that help you produce great quality food at a price you can afford.
But as we have discussed before it all has to start with the floor. In this blog we take a look at the characteristics which lead to a commercial kitchen floor that stands the test of time.

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Why Concrete Spalling is Worse on Ocean-Front Apartments

Last blog we talked about the role strata managers have in helping fight off concrete cancer. In this piece we discuss how ocean-side apartments potentially have it worse and specifically dissect why, living near the beach may affect your property. In fact, we will help you understand why the probability of concrete cancer is higher in structures by the sea than those salt-free locations.

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A Strata Manager’s Guide to Building Maintenance According to the most recent figures available, in Australia approximately 9% of the population live in an apartment spread out over some 2.6-million strata lots.
For those of you who manage these residents and buildings (estimated at around 4,300 full-time, dedicated and hardworking strata managers), you know how much work is involved in staying on top of things.

This is a go-to guide on concrete cancer repair and other building maintenance to-dos that strata managers can take advantage of.


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Flooring Considerations for Your Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out Costs

If you are looking to open a new club, restaurant or café, the fitout can be a very exciting time. Where to put the furniture, deciding on the lighting, the speakers all the way down to the paints and colours. The kitchen which is the workhorse of the operations may be fitted out with the latest and best equipment, but in this article, we’re going to share with why the right selection for your commercial kitchen flooring needs to be a top consideration when setting budgets and designing your space. 

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