Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Carbon fibre strips are a flexible and highly versatile alternative to traditional steel reinforcements.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening

When it comes to structural strengthening, carbon fibre strips are often the preferred choice over traditional steel reinforcements due to their flexibility, versatility and superior strength-to-mass ratio.

We work with structural engineers who specialise in carbon fibre strengthening to devise a precise load bearing profile for your structure. Using this profile, we then formulate specific recommendations on how best to apply carbon fibre in order to achieve the required PSI (the amount of pressure on your structures).

Where Carbon Fibre Can Be Used

The many uses of carbon fibre include:

  • Reinforcement of concrete slabs
  • Pre-stressed reinforced concrete beams
  • Strengthening of columns
  • Enhancement of structural strength
  • Bridges
  • Strengthening concrete structures

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