Commercial Flooring

Remedial offers customised flooring solutions to meet the unique requirements of each commercial building.

Remedial Building Services has been Sydney’s commercial flooring specialist for over 45 years. Our extensive experience has made us experts in all aspects of commercial flooring; from investigation and problem identification, through to design, preparation and final installation of your customised flooring solution. We have provided high quality commercial flooring solutions to a range of buildings across NSW Canberra and beyond.

Our Commercial Flooring Solutions

We understand that each building has unique flooring needs and we offer a range of flooring solutions which are customised to suit the exact requirements of your building and your business. Our solutions include:

  • Acid and heat-resistant resin-based floor coating
  • Non-slip epoxy flooring
  • Non-slip polyurethane flooring
  • Methyl Methacrylate Acetate (MMA) flooring
  • Showroom finish, anti-static flooring
  • Pharmaceutical grade flooring suitable for ‘clean rooms’
  • Hard wearing, impact resistant warehouse flooring
  • Chemical and liquid bunds to contain spillages and leaks

Commercial Flooring and Health and Safety Risks

Commercial flooring is particularly vulnerable to deterioration brought about by high density foot traffic, oils and detergents and bearing heavy weights. While many building owners may consider damaged, worn down floors to be primarily an aesthetic concern, they also present a serious health and safety risk. A damaged floor can:

  • Become excessively slippery, increasing the risk of accident or injury to staff and customers.
  • Become uneven, causing staff or customers to trip and/or injure their feet.
  • Begin to trap moisture, encouraging the rapid growth of bacteria and making the space unsafe for the preparation or service of food.

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From hospitality venues, including some of the leading bars, restaurants and cafes in NSW, through to abattoirs, butchers, industrial spaces such as large pharmaceutical production facilities and even commercial garages, we have delivered customised flooring solutions that stand the test of time.

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