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Remedial Building Services began over forty years ago, providing Sydney flooring alternatives other than tiles or vinyl. In those days, concrete flooring services were in their infancy and everyone used tiles or vinyl, not knowing a better solution existed. Since then we have the benefit of better technology, better more experienced staff and far superior knowledge of what flooring products to use for a commercial floor, as opposed to what to use on a kitchen coldroom floor. As a result, we are now leading specialists in composite flooring solutions such as epoxy flooring surfaces, anti-corrosive flooring, non-slip flooring systems, concrete flooring and Methyl Methacrylate Acetate (MMA) systems. Our systems are designed for commercial and industrial application, so you can be confident tha our services will meet your exacting demands.

Different Requirements, Different Flooring

In writing the design specifications for a building it is highly unlikely that any two locations, buildings or floors will require the same solutions from top to bottom. The reasons for this are numerous; different locations have different weather conditions, foot traffic in one building may be much heavier requiring a more robust floor solution, different target markets may require a different aesthetic finish and so forth. We recognise this and have the flexibility and products to make your flooring requirements become a reality.

Flooring for New or Old Surfaces

In many instances, our flooring services are required because an existing floor is in need of an upgrade. Maybe it is delaminated, or has lost its no-slip properties, or is not resistant to chemicals as well as it should be, whatever the reason, we pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose underlying problems which are currently causing problems, as well as providing analysis of any future requirements. This allows us to make a recommendation on which flooring surface is best for your building, outdoor area, warehouse, commercial kitchen floor or commerical floor requirements.

Where you have a new building and new floors to be laid, Remedial have the expertise to work with you at the build phase (or earlier if possible) to ascertain your requirements and to recommend a solution that is not only going to be longer wearing, have a better non-slip coefficient or as required, achieve your high end aesthetic and architectural requirements but which is going to save you money too.

Remedial Building Services maintain very high standards and only the best quality products are used in all repair work. Our flooring solutions are tailored to every client's needs and we can provide chemical resistant and traffic resistant flooring surfaces. Amongst the solutions we provide, two of our more resilient and versatile solutions are epoxy flooring coatings and MMA flooring solutions.


Advantages of Composite Flooring

Our composite flooring solutions offer numerous advantages over alternative floor coverings such as vinyl or tiled surfaces. The advantages include:

  • The ability to completely prepare and install your surface over night
    • Your business has limited down time and minimal – if any – loss of trade.
  • Longer lasting than vinyl and tiles
  • Floors are seamless, meaning there is no grout and thus no opportunity for bactiera to breed in the cracks
  • Cost advantages in medium term as maintenance is far reduced
  • Far more resistant to chemicals, bloods, heavy traffic and cracking than alternatives


We have laid floors in a diverse number of applications, from commercial kitchens, through to public swimming pool surrounds, to walkways and cool rooms. For further information on what we can do for you, contact our offices, or read more about the flooring options we can provide for you.

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