what is fire rating


Under the current The Building Code of Australia buildings must have measures implemented to protect the structure and any occupants from fire. There are two distinct forms which fire rating can take: Active fire protection and Passive Fire protection.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire protection refers to measures implemented to counteract the spread of flame and smoke throughout the building when it is engulfed by fire. This is achieved through measures such as compartmentalisation and fire dampeners. Passive Fire protection is also designed to help maintain the structural adequacy of the building for as long as possible, allowing occupants to flee as safely and for fire crews to enter and put out the flames, safe in the knowledge that the structure is less likely to collapse around them.

Passive Fire Protection takes many different forms. Remedial Building Services offer a range of fire protection options designed to protect your building and its occupants. These options can be applied as a stand alone solution, or implemented as part of a more robust complete building repair. However, some of the more common fire rating alternatives include:

  • Intumescents
    • Including thin film intumescents used for the fire rating of steel
    • This class of paint is sometimes referred to as fire retardant paint
  • Fire Sprays
  • Coated Fire Batts
  • Fire walls and concrete encasement
  • Fire Collars
  • Pipe Sleeves
  • Gap Sealants

Fire Protection for Containment

When there is a building fire, it is essential that it doesn't spread. The larger it grows, the harder it is to contain and extinguish and the more people's safety is at risk.  To minimise the risk of flame and smoke spreading through the building there are a range of options available. Most of these options will never be seen by the naked eye, however, their role is vital. At Remedial we offer the following Nullifire systems


Fire Rating for Strength

Even if you have second to none fire containment, it is important that you ensure your structure is able to withstand the intense heat of fire. In a fire, structural steel is prone to warping which places the entire structure at risk of collapse. If this happens, then the lives of building occupants and the fire fighters are at risk.

A key solution to maintaining the structural strength of steel in a fire is to fire rate the steel. Fire rating involves the application of fire retardant materials to structural steel, walls or floors. Fire ratedpaint for steel, works by preventing the steel (and whole structure) from heating up too quickly in fire, thus allowing building occupants to get out and the fire brigade to douse the flames without the building collapsing. In the past this process has often been labeled fireproofing, however, this is a slight misnomer as nothing is quite fire proof.

How we can help protect your building from fire

Remedial Building Services offer a broad range of fire protection options for the protection of your building. We are certified installers of water-based thin film intumescents, fire collars, batts and collars. These protective coatings aim to allow the steel structure to resist the damage of fire for longer.

We have products designed for achieving Fire Rated Limits (FRL) of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

If you would like further information on fire rating and our fire protection products, please contact our office to request a brochure.

Fire rated paint application, in this instance, a Thin Film intumescent Brisbane City Hall Fibrous Plaster roof with 60 minute fire ratingFire rating applied to structural steelCompleted fire rating project where the steel was fire rated

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