• Passive Fire Rating Solutions

    Under The Building Code of Australia, all newly constructed building structures must incorporate fire control measures (either active or passive fire rating) to prevent the spread of flame and to minimise structural damage. Previously called Fire Proofing, it is now referred to as Fire Rating.

    Remedial Building Services specialise in the application of passive fire rating solutions. We are market leaders in the application of thin film intumescents for structural steel, gap seals, pipe collars and fire rated board. All are designed to increase the time your building maintains its structural resistance in case of fire.

    We proudly supply and install large spectrum of Nullifire products, independently tested and certified to meet Australian requirements under the BCA. Protect your building structure to the highest level, without compromising your design aesthetics.


    Applying a thin film fire spray to an exposed steel beam
  • Concrete Cancer and Building Maintenance

    For over 40 years, Remedial Building Services Australia have been providing specialised building repairs. Sydney may have been our first home, but  we now service the East Coast of Australia offering a broad range of building maintenance solutions.

    Our team of experts will work with you to identify underlying problems causing the visual signs of disrepair. Our structural repairs division In our many years of service, we have formed strong alliances with a number of façade and structural engineers, allowing us to call upon their expertise when the situation warrants it.

    Amongst the solutions offered by our building maintenance division are: concrete repair, steel reinforcing repair, brick replacement, arch bar and lintel replacement, crack stitching, carbon fibre strengthening, expansion joints, window and balustrade replacement and repointing.


    Concrete Cancer repair work
  • Mining Industry Repair Solutions

    The application of specialised services by Remedial Building Services extends past the provision of services to the commercial and residential sectors.

    We have extensive experience in the provision of specialised maintenance services, rectification and repair of structures within the mining industry. With a large number of mine site qualified personnel, we have a team with the know-how and ability to fix your building issues.

    Our services to this sector encompass fire rating, concrete repair services, cable tray protection, carbon fibre, corrosion treatment services, structural repair, flooring and specialised coatings.


    Pressure Blasting ahead of structural repair work
  • Composite Flooring Solutions

    In starting business 40 years ago, we offered 2 solutions, flooring and structural repairs. Today, through our committment to using only the best products in conjunction with our years of experience, we are widely recognised as the pre-eminent, Sydney-based epoxy flooring solutions specialists.

    Our experience in the application of slip resistant and long wearing flooring solutions is unparalleled. Our flooring team team will take the time to understand the requirements of your floor, what demands will be made of your surface, any issues you may have with your existing solution and from there make a recommendation on what flooring options will be best suited for you.

    Whether you have tiles, vinyl floors, epoxy or concrete floors; need to fix your commercial kitchen floor, or protect the surface from the rigours of constant foot traffic, we have a flooring option which will work for you.


    Applying a roll on commercial floor coating

In 1969, Remedial Building Services began business as a provider of specialised building & flooring solutions in the greater Sydney area. Today, we offer services to the commercial, government, hospitality, large scale residential, mining and educational sectors. Able to service most locations across the three Eastern states of Australia, our workmanship and knowledge enables us to be the best Building Repairs company in Australia.

We are team of qualified professionals and tradesmen, & we take the business of providing the best advice and best service, very seriously.

Remedial Building Services Australia: 40 Years experience. Industry Leaders

Penrith Panthers Stadium - Fire Rating

Earlier this year, Remedial was contracted to perform Fire Rating to the structural steel on the new wing at Penrith Stadium

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Taronga Zoo - Toilet Floors

Taronga Zoo contracted Remedial Building Services to apply a seemless, non-slip floor in their toilet block

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Symbion - Pharmaceutical Floor

The Queensland flooring team completed some pharmaceutical grade floors for Symbion. The result was one everyone was pleased with

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Drink Manufacturer - Protective Flooring Surface

Remedial recently completed work on the floor of a drink Manufacturer

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Carbon Fibre Strengthening - Eagle St-Brisbane

Carbon Fibre was recently applied to the underside of a concrete deck to increase its load baring capacity

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Structural repair to St Lukes Church

St Lukes recently underwent structural repair to the bell tower and waterproofing to the roof deck

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Shark Park, Cronulla - Passive fire protection

Remedial recently applied fire protection for the steel used in the construction of the new stadium at Cronulla

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Randwick TAFE- Epoxy Floor Resurfacing

Randwick Tafe and Sustainability centre appointed Remedial to apply an epoxy surface to their high traffic areas

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WSN Environmental Solutions - Flooring Solution

WSN Environmental Solutions required a flooring upgrade to their treatment plant in Sydney's Eastern Creek

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Fire Rating- Brisbane City Hall

ABI Group, the project managers for the restoration of Brisbane City Hall appointed Remedial Building Services to create a fire rating package which would provide fire rating protection and solid insulation properties

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Mooloolaba Underwater World - Concrete Repair Services

Mooloolaba Underwater World recently appointed us to remove all existing elements of the aquatic environments, fix identified structural issues and then rebuild the underwater environment to the designs supplied

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Restaurant Momofuku - Epoxy Floor in Kitchen

Recently opened Momofuku restaurant in Sydney's Star contracted Remedial Building Services to install a robust epoxy floor in the kitchen

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The Lifetime value of your floor

In business, you will no doubt have heard the term "Customer life time value". It refers to the overall value a customer has to your business. Let's look at how a similar value can be given to your floors